8th ILF

About the 8th Islamabad Literature Festival

The Islamabad Literature Festival (ILF) has a special significance since it is this city, with its especially lovely natural setting, which joins the numerous cultural and ethnic strands that make up the rich Tapestry of Pakistan. ILF brings together and celebrates regional and national as well as international authors, artists, intellectuals, and scholars. It features debates/discussions, talks, mushairas (poetry recitals) in both Urdu and English, book launches, and readings.

The 8th Islamabad Literature Festival is scheduled to take place from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 October 2021. Again, as last year, ILF is to be a Digital Edition of the Islamabad Literature Festival and you can join and enjoy ILF online from anywhere in the world. Thus, modern Technology shields and protects us from the Corona Virus while participating in this Festival and enjoying it.

The aims of this Digital Edition of ILF remain as previously stated: to develop interaction between writers, intellectuals, and artists within Pakistan and across borders, cultures, and languages, and to nurture and promote Books and the Habit of Reading. This Digital ILF will continue to put Pakistan on the map as a country rich in culture, creativity, and exchange of ideas and opinions.

From the problems and crises of today, this ILF looks forward to the Promise of Tomorrow – a Tomorrow which will certainly be different to Today and probably quite unlike Yesterday. The Theme of this 8th ILF is Reimagining the Future. ILF looks towards the future and seeks to explore new writings, new trends, and new technologies, and provide platforms for younger authors and scholars.

Please join us online for the 8th Islamabad Literature Festival, with the full confidence of knowing that you are safe and secure.