13th KLF

About the 13th Karachi Literature Festival

A Literature Festival is a unique occasion. It is when readers and writers, students and scholars, authors and publishers, young and old, and anyone else who is interested, can all come together to celebrate Books, Ideas, and the Joys of Reading. The Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) has a special significance since it was the original such Festival, from which a movement of other literature festivals has spread throughout the country. Moreover, it remains the premier Festival – a key occasion on the cultural calendar of this city and of the country.

KLF brings together and celebrates national as well as international authors, artists, intellectuals, and scholars. It features debates/discussions, talks, mushairas (poetry recitals) in Urdu, English, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, and Balochi, book launches, and readings.

This year, KLF is happily back…live…and face to face…in the grounds of the Beach Luxury Hotel. All the proceedings will, of course, also be available online on Facebook and YouTube.

This 13th KLF marks the 75th year of Pakistan’s existence. The Festival theme is Separation, Belonging, and Beyond: 75 Years of Pakistan. This year also has a double significance; it is the 70th year of the founding in Pakistan of Oxford University Press, the organisers and producers of KLF.

The scholars, intellectuals, and authors attending this Festival will engage in discourses about Pakistan’s achievements, its shortcomings, and its prospects – in short, about the history of the nation and its peoples in various fields.

Of course, it will not just be about our yesterdays. As before, KLF also looks forward to the Promise of Tomorrow – a Tomorrow which will certainly be different to Today and probably quite unlike Yesterday. It seeks to explore new writings, new trends, and new technologies, and provide platforms for younger authors and scholars.

Please join us, live or online, for the 13th Karachi Literature Festival
on 4, 5, and 6 March 2022.

All our guests should note that wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere within the Festival venue. Only fully vaccinated persons with proof of their vaccinations will be allowed entrance to the Festival.